Wednesday, July 2

Another website to drool over thanks to K. Purple China Flats... how is it I don't already own these? Too fun!
I've taken disco naps before dinner for the last two days. I'm not sure what's going on, why I'm so tired, but there it is. It may be the hot/cold/hot/cold that I experience all day, going from the lovely summer weather into the meat locker that is OKB. It has to be considerably hotter than this for me to welcome air conditioning. But no one asks me.
My afternoon was boooooring, as I had no computer for the majority of it. Everyone else seemed to be working just fine, but no, not me. The week I was working 2nd shift I learned that part of the promotion I got this spring should have involved a new computer (unbeknownst to my boss, or anyone in the department, except her boss... I think she made it up on the spot, but I'll take it!)
This new technology has yet to arrive. The department is also due to receive 3 new lap-tops that will be used when we travel. I don't know if one of those will be assigned to me or not. More likely, I'll get a hand-me-down from someone who already has something old and busted instead of the new hotness. Still, it will be something, and me wantee.
V-ball tonight. Woo. I learned after work tonight that one of my co-workers would be happy to join the team if we need a sub. I didn't really mention that we're pretty much always short (at least for early games). She described herself as a jock, and then I was thinking that maybe the way we play would not really fit the bill of "doing sports" for her. I could be wrong. Plus, she just joined our team at work, we could consider it "team-building". Maybe Plinko could get overtime. *jealous*


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