Friday, June 27

You'll all be glad to know you can exhale. I'm sure you were holding your (collective) breaths since I mentioned the potential shake-up reorg thing, and today we got the official word. While the changes are pretty substantial, none of them actually affect me or anyone I would consider on my team. I'll have the same job, as will my boss and her bitch. Two people in the department are swapping jobs, which technically involves someone who reports to my boss, but again, I think I'll be relatively unaffected. The right person got promoted to the big spot that was open (if you ask me), so I think bitching will be minimal. Also, someone who was all itchy to leave/get promoted (ie get more money?) got promoted, so hopefully that will keep her happy for awhile.
All this news, plus ginormous donuts. Now if I could just shake this annoying headache, it would be a very happy Friday indeed.


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