Thursday, June 26

Hmm... new blogger. Not sure how I feel about this yet. I'll get back to you.
Anyway, it's amazing what your body can do for you sometimes. Like this morning, when I inexplicably woke up at 5:30, only to find that we had no power (and thus, would have had no alarm clock). Most days, oversleeping would be not-so-good, but understandable and forgivable. Today, however, I had a seminar in Appleton that I had to be to at 8, so oversleeping would have been bad. But I didn't, you see, because when I woke up at 5:30 and realized we had no power, I set the handy-dandy alarm clock on my phone to wake me up at a reasonable hour. Genius. Of course, the power actually came on somewhat before I actually had to get up, and my real alarm clock went off. Nonetheless, I was safer rather than sorrier, which cannot be said for one of my coworkers who came to the seminar an hour late because none of the alarm clocks in her house went off, though she didn't seem to think it was because of any electricity issues, but rather (I have to assume) gnomes. Gnomes who instead of stealing your underwear, turn off alarm clocks for fun and profit.
So... long story long, I made it to the seminar (on time). It turned out to be somewhat of a waste of time. Geared more towards machinery-type b2b operations looking to source bits and pieces than towards anything remotely consumer-targeted whole product sourcing, but... there was a little to learn and what the hey? Looks good on the old resume.
I may have mentioned (and I can't check, what with this new blogger) that I was all excited about the Hello Kitty restaurant in Hong Kong. Turns out it closed, which is very sad news for me. However, there is still one open in Shanghai, and someone I don't technically work with in any way is detemined that I get to go. I now share with you some of the joys of my job:
Dear Stephanie

Personally , I will suggest u have a trip to Shanghai as this first time
I visit to HELLO CITY CAFE. I am really amazing as all decoration is
Kitty even for the toastes , food and beverages ........... I do enjoy
the world of fully kitty and that will make u have a nice mood , even I
am not the fan of kitty .

Hope u can enjoy it !

Don't you just love it?


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