Tuesday, July 1

Despite the fact that I rarely - very rarely - get anything but junk mail in my hotmail account, I am compelled to check it regularly. You already know I'm a dork, so this is just one more reason to add to the list, in my opinion. Anyway, I usually grace the sender/subject/etc with hardly a glance, but this evening, the first two things caught my attention:
E-mail #1) (aren't I into numbered lists lately?) subject: Do you know... I love you
Now - everyone likes to be loved. Few people more than me, which anyone who knows me well will happily attest to. So, I was intrigued and delighted... who loves me? This is exciting!! Who could it be?? Well, turns out it's Lois P. McKenzie, a rather unassuming name, really. And she, as I learned just now because the curiousity was killing me, wants me to have a larger penis. Well, thank you Lois. That may come in handy at my next dick-slamming meeting.
E-mail #2) sender: Infant. Now, I don't know about you, but an infant, sending e-mail? That's impressive. But writing to me about how to consolidate my debts? I'm not buying it.
And why do I check my hotmail account? I have no idea.
I think that they've launched the new MSN version because people must have run out of things to talk about. Now it's very easy to avoid conversation because you can just spend your time playing with the visuals. Not that that isn't fun, too, and if you really wanted to talk to someone, picking up the phone is a much more efficient way to do it, it just strikes me as funny that they keeping adding, let's say functionality, that doesn't actually make conversing any easier. On the up-side, I did make an emoticon of a yellow rain drop for when I have to take a potty break. I've been thinking for a long time that they could use one of those, and now I have it.
Also - ho-made emoticons/icons for your friends make charming gifts. Non-clutter arts 'n crafts. Gotta love that.


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