Friday, July 4

Happy birthday to our nation and to our friend A-lo.
We were up early this morning (with, once again, no power) and cleaned out the garage. This is no small task, let me tell you. But it's finished, and I am pleased. I stink like... well... stink, but I plan to shower before any of y'all see me. Hopefully that will help some.
So - if I can get some coordination, possibly today's festivities can be held over here. I know that's asking a lot, considering the size of the group, but I'm just putting it out there as an option. I don't expect we'll be traveling too far a-field, so give us a ringy-dingy and we'll try to get this thing sorted out. Stoopid weather, always raining on our parade. If all else fails, we'll just stop at the grocery and pick up some extra trash bags, I mean, rain gear, and hang at the Joneses.


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