Thursday, July 3

Oh yeah... everyone was real motivated to work today. I think I spent 1/2 the morning discussing which Sanrio characters had birthday is which months. Ok, that may be a bit of an exageration, but the topic did come up.
Also, I hate Clown Bonnie. There are no new stories, no incidents of any magnitude to report, I just hate her. In a cringing, nauseated kind of way.

On to happier news: I was able to deliver D's camera, left at DerK's hizouse, to T last night (Happy Birthday to Shane, by the way) after what may have been the saddest volleyball game we've ever played. Of course, we still had a laugh or two, and some of us were able to show off our fine, hott asses, so all was not lost. Just two out of three games.
Tonight is la celebracion de Lopez. Ai ai ai!! I'm trying to decide what to wear, since it is a party and everything, and I kind of don't want to wear the jeans I'm in now because... well... prepare yourselves... I'm a little too warm. There, I've said it. Do with it what you will.
Of course, I'll be working in a disco nap at some point. Pleasant habits are hard to break.


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