Saturday, July 12

Woo! Go me! Not a single chore done, but I did make a surprise for a certain someone who was kind enough to hook me up with some lovely tunes (and pointed out a matching t-shirt, to boot) last night.
I think everyone is on-board with the thoughtful, lengthy, and accurate review of Lemon Grass. It was not bad, but nothing I need to rush back for. We were discussing hitting Taste of Thai or another downtown Appleton establishment in the near future. There are probably literally hundreds of places I've never eaten in the valley, and I bet there is a percentage of them that are tasty and don't have re:re:s for wait staff. Here's hoping.
For now I get to try to decide what to have/where to go for dinner tonight within the city limits (I'm guessing).
Hope all you geeks are enjoying the geeking!


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