Monday, July 7

I hate this basement!!
Ok, I don't actually hate my basement. It's just fine, really. I'm just tired and kind of have a headache, so I'm bitchy, and my day at work didn't really justify any bitching in particular, so... I hate this basement!
Remember when I said the little department shake-up didn't really affect me in any way? Well, turns out that isn't entirely true. I will be doing another category of garments starting... wait for it... now. In truth, starting tomorrow. It should be interesting, especially since the one person who has a clue about what I'll be picking up is going to be learning a whole new job for herself, and training someone who will also be learning a whole new job. Therefore, I think I'm going to be on my own on this one. Usually one doesn't use so many 'o's in a paragraph, but I like to shake things up sometimes.
In other news, people in Oshkosh are bad drivers, but the restaurants here are still better than in Sheboygan. I'll let our reporter on the street cover the first topic, and I don't think anyone cares to listen to my take on the second, but I'm standing by my statement.


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