Saturday, July 5

I am at a loss. It's Saturday. But yesterday felt like Saturday, so now I don't know what to do with myself. Other than stopping at the pet store for some food for the babies, my day is relatively un-planned. I guess I should enjoy it.
Thanks to all of the best friends in the world for a very fun evening. If only we had had some snakes, it would have been really cool. Despite consuming quite a bit of boozamahol, I am feeling like sunshine and roses this morning. Maybe it's because it was Shirley's b-day, and no one should be hung-over if he's not. I like that theory.
My unplanned day just evaporated (thankfully) and now I'm going shopping for thrifty things and eyeglasses. Next time you see me I might be cool. Yeah... I'm not buying it, either.


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