Tuesday, July 8

So kids... what's the cure for being sooper tired when you arrive at work in the morning? I don't know, but I do know it's not twiddling your thumbs waiting for a meeting that doesn't start until - oh, that's right, 4:30, i.e. quitting time.
I didn't exactly have nothing to do today, but I didn't exactly have something to do, either. So it was a long long long boring day. Happily punctuated by a tasty lunch at Mario's. Mmm.... potato and cheese enchilada...
The meeting went relatively quickly, because half the people in it had been meeting with other various members of my department for the whole day. One woman said as we were leaving that she didn't think she could feel her butt anymore. One extra special kick in the teeth was that they went over the styles that are in the new category while they were waiting for my boss and I to arrive, so I don't have the notes on those. Lovely, just lovely. Smile and nod.
One thing I did manage to accomplish was tentatively setting my vacation. I could just say 'screw you all' and plan it whenever, but it's nice to be able to take it when there is a bit of a lull in the workload. Of course, since starting the new job it's been relatively lull-less, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that that will change. Chances are it won't be soon, but Labor Day here I come.


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