Monday, July 14

Hizzah...pretty new blogger with calendar and everything. I am not so think as I drunk I am. Or whatever.
Dealt with some managerial schizophrenia today and learned that I also get upset when I think the why is stupider than the what. In other words, I got additional styles today, which should, by all rights be mine to cost, etc. The issue is that I got them because I had 53 styles and the other person who may have handled them had 35. So now I have 61, and she has, that's right...35. It's the math that has me boggled. Now, if I had been told that the styles were mine because 1)she's brand new in her position and I'm already a veteran with one season under my belt or 2) they should be mine on the basis of the sizes they will be in alone or even 3) new girl to the team will have to be helping out the person who she swapped jobs with... I'd be fine with that. Any of them. And they are all technically probably true. But that the decision was based on quantities, and therefore totally illogical.... this is driving me a little nuts. And the insanity doesn't stop there, but I think my bitching about it probably will... moving on. Deep breaths. Deep, smoke-filled breaths.
Anywho... I wanted to post about a happy moment I had the other day when a telemarketer called me. Yes, you read that right. I just wanted to say how HAPPY I am to have TDS, if, for no other reason, than that it gives me great pleasure to completely deflate people from competing telecommunications firms (say, AT&T for example) when they call up trying to sell me what I surely won't use (unlimited long distance for only HOW MUCH a month?? Have you seen how many long distance calls I make? Which is to say, possibly as many as two?) and I reply, "Oh, I get my long distance from my local carrier who also supplies my DSL connection." And they say, "Oh. Well... um... sorry to have bothered you." And I win. Yay me!! Now, having worked as a telemarketer, I have to say that a well-reasoned response, even if it is negative, is slightly more heart-warming (and makes you feel less like a slug) than just your average hang-up, so really, in my book, everyone wins. Except AT&T. They can suck it.
Just for the record, I'm listening to Martin Gore's original Counterfeit E.P. and enjoying it thoroughly, wrists intact. Counterfeit2 is in the mail, on it's way to me. Never pay retail for music when there's, that's what I say. He has one of my favorite voices ever. Unfortunately, the new CD, like the last, will be all cover songs as far as I can tell, as he seems to have some loyalty to DM and gives all the stuff he writes to Dave to sing, evidently. A shame, if you ask me. I suppose that's where the album titles come from, though.
I also suppose I should endevour to get something done tonight. But before I go...

In a manner of speaking
I just want to say
That I could never forget the way
You told me everything
By saying nothing
In a manner of speaking
I don't understand
How love in silence becomes reprimand
But the way I feel about you
Is beyond words

Oh give me the words
Give me the words
That tell me nothing
Oh give me the words
Give me the words
That tell me everything

In a manner of speaking
Semantics won't do
In this life that we live
We only make do
And the way that we feel
Might have to be sacrificed

So in a manner of speaking
I just wnt to say
That like you I should find a way
To tell you everythiing
By saying nothing

Oh give me the words
Gie me the words
That tell me nothing
Oh give me the words...


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