Saturday, July 19

Sometimes enhanced cds surprise me. And that's nice. Unless I can't choose something that actually makes me the music start. That's a little annoying. Then my husband has to help me think. And then I get to listen to my new cd. And then I'm happy. And no one is going to like it but me. Ok, I could be wrong.
When you hang out with rock stars you get to learn cool new phrases, like "get skimpy". To use in a sentence that we will probably actually need (for example, in late September): I bought a new bra, cuz I'm pretty sure things are going to get skimpy at the P tonight. I also learned that sometimes douche bag is exactly the right description of someone.
My new hair is very pretty. In little bit, even more so. I should get moving so I'm not so filthy when I go to get prettified.


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