Tuesday, July 22

Today was frustratingly uneventful at work. A couple departments I depend on to get me information I need were less that dependable, and I started work with the following e-mail from a vendor (who works for my maker who was very naughty, who we had to pull production from):
Dear Everyone,

I thought I need to write you all this message as I would like to let you
know how really saddened I have been after reading your communication w/
Ms. *her boss*.
I have spent many days and many nights working on the Spr'04 Salesman Spls
for you all. I was very very enthusiastic and didn't mind the exhaustion
each day that I was able to send you the salesman samples. To see Fedex
pick up the samples was a fulfillment of my hard work.
But then, the placement decisions came and I was deeply hurt that you took
many of the styles away from us. I realized that all the hard work I did
was put to the side and another factory is making bulk instead of us.
The pressure, the exhaustion, the sleepless nights I went through this
spring season becuase of the salesman samples are nothing because I know
many salesman samples means many orders.
I am writing this because I think it is best to let you know the
frustration I feel right now. I hope that the next seasons would not put
in me in the same situation.
*name omitted*

Good morning, Guilt Trip! How are you?? To say the day went downhill from there may be a bit of an exageration, but to say it didn't get a whole lot better would be right-on. One problem (bigger than normal) after another, and I didn't even get to start my costing stuff.
Tomorrow will be better. I explained today to one of my makers (who doesn't hate my face) that Wednesday is hump day. This has been the longest week ever.


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