Monday, July 21

Sometimes, it pays to ask. Not usually one of my strong suits, but today I did it, and it paid off. Some of you may know that since I've been officially employed for a while now, we have been trying (not entirely in vane) to pay off ye ole credit cards. That is considerably more difficult when you are paying (literally) for being a not-so-good customer in the past due to not having a jobby-job. As I'm sure you all know (some all too well)... when you have no moneys, they want you to give them more moneys, to make up for the fact that you have no moneys to give them. Rinse. Repeat. But - when you have some moneys, as is now the case, you can call up the evil credit card companies and they are all sugary sweet and they will actually lower your interest rate. If you ask. In my case, she even apologized for not being able to lower it more (than the 10 pts she could). I told her it was ok... I figure the $30 or more it will save me a month should make it ok for the time being.
So that is my small victory today. My happy surprise for the day was that I had completely forgotten that I spent most of Friday afternoon cleaning off my desk, and when I walked in to work today I was wowwed by the space I had made for myself. Having things off my desk made for an incredibly productive day, in my mind. So much so that I was on a roll when I got home from work and paid bills, hence paragraph one.
Now to finish folding and putting away laundry, making up a bag for the Goodwill or other cripples, possibly start a sewing project, and maybe hop on the bike. As soon as I play just one game of Big Money...


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