Sunday, August 3

Yo everybody! We are in the hiz-ouse. It's nice to be home. The weekend was sooper fun. Thanks to all who participated in the shopping and the extreeeeeme pig-out(s). I'm happy to have another restaurant to add to the list of good choices when in the Mayfair area. Peony (and their Dim Sum) were about what I was hoping they would be, I think. Tasty and unusal choices for not too much money. An adventure in every bite. Next time we'll know to order less and share more.
Next time I get down to Tip Top Atomic I'm bringing a U-Haul. It just occurred to me that they might be a good outlet for the thermos and blender lamps. I forgot to mention it to Shaft and UPB, but they had a clover-leaf blender there for (I think it was) $40. Plus, they were really, really nice. Bebo - you would crap yourself. African Hut was, of course, wonderful. I kept thinking, I knew I should have just ordered the plantains for dinner, but now I have tasty tasty leftover Jollof rice, and who could complain about that? Not me.
I'm currently enjoying a new monitor that I bought (thanks Kenny and Dixie!) with the intention of giving to my dad... when we got it home I realized it's actually bigger and better than the one we're using (which is much bigger and better than the one my dad has) so... he'll get an upgrade as well, it just won't be as much as it could have been, cuz he's getting our old one. I'm certain he'll get over it. More likely, he won't understand why he can't just keep the one he currently has.
In an effort to help increase traffic to her site, I just wanted to point out that Bebo is at a new location, and has been for a little while. Her current URL is correct on my links, so if you're still going to the old site, get with the times, baby!
As I don't seem to be able to construct coherent paragraphs, I think I'll do you all the favor of signing off... good night all!


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