Monday, August 11

Seems I am allergic to tennis. Or maybe to WD-40. I had a really really fun time playing (ok, for the sake of argument, let's call it) tennis with Mother yesterday. Except it was hot. Really hot. Me and my bright ideas of starting at noon-thirty. Sometimes I am not so smart. After that I fixed up my bike, which is now (as far as I can tell) in complete working order.
I, however, am not. I got sick last night (sorry I missed everyone at the Robin's Nest) and it lingered until today and paired up with a splitting headache that finally seems to be on its way out. So... I'm home sick from work. And bored. So very bored. To the point that I've checked my work e-mail. A couple times. Now that's just sad. I almost wish I didn't like my current pretty page so much, or I'd be working on making a new one. I'm not that inspired, though, and I feel like spending too much time on the 'puter is just tempting fate, as earlier today I couldn't really stand to even have my eyes open. So, in an effort to actually do something smart, I think I'll log off now. In case I don't think of anything more to write (which is likely, as my day does not look to be containing of lot of interesting content) here's wishing Shaft good luck at his new jobby-job tomorrow. Shaft is the man. Shaft is now taking calls. Shaft is the prettiest boy at the salon. tee hee


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