Saturday, August 9

Damn it! And it started so well, too.... my day, that is. Threw in some laundry, got the a/c installed (yes, I do know it's nearly the middle of August as it happens, but I was tired of looking at it on the living room floor), rearranged a bit and made room for the new bar, even vacuumed a little. Then the pizza provided by my pals Plinko and Mother zapped the energy right out of me. Gone. So then I had to take a nap. Ok... I probably didn't have to, but it was awfully nice. Now I'm trying to summon the gumption to actually move the wet laundry into the dryer. Or even to move myself a little. To be fair, I think I've gotten more done this morning than on any whole Saturday in memory (at my own house at least), so slacking off this afternoon maybe wasn't so bad in the grand scheme of things.
Plus: football=tonight. Yay! I think I'm still sleepy enough to fit in my 3rd quarter nap. I should go back to watching tv now, though, cuz the Isaac Mizrahi movie is on, and despite the most hideous clothes ever at Target right now, I think he's on my list.


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