Sunday, August 17

Why, hello! What are you doing? Not blogging, I'll bet...
Yesterday was very nice... slept in a little bit, went to Kohler for the picnics, got to hang with my bro & my pop for a while, had a blast from the past, ate corn and ice cream and cotton candy and had some free wine cooler and a kinda nasty hot dog. The picnics are different... they've moved stuff around, there are tons of inflatable things for little kids to jump on, there's a new 'security' service (guys in t-shirts) and the music playlist was considerably improved. We were there for three hours before they played the electric slide followed up by the macarena (then we decided it was time to go). But it's more than that. It's hard to pinpoint just what is different, but it was considerably more low-key, and you could sense the townies lamenting the fact that there would be no knife fights nor battles of who can throw more pitchers of (free) beer on whom. Somehow the whole event has become more wholesome, and I don't think that's exactly something the residents of Kohler have been jonesing for, as anyone who has been there can imagine. Really, the town, and especially the summers if you a child, are boring enough without sucking the possibility of scandal out of the picnics. It used to be two weekends of debauchery and chaos (confined to a small park on the wrong side of the tracks). Now it's.... nice. I guess that's ok, too. I guess.


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