Tuesday, August 12

Hmm... your latest post is well noted, DerK, and (so I don't have to mention it when I see you) the whole situation pretty much sucks. Sorry.
I realize that I tend to bitch about work an awful lot on here, and there is plenty to bitch about, but maybe calling certain, selective higher-ups crazy is less than smart. Plus, there's the whole thing about me actually loving my job. (I do mention that part occassionally, don't I?) That despite days like today where I did a lot of babysitting and not a lot of my own job, I feel very lucky to be in my position, have my boss, and do the work with the people I do every day? Of course, now it sounds like kissing up... just in case... but it is true. Hopefully that will work in my favor. Just in case, I may do a little editting...
Back at work today I had a few surprises pop up... like old styles are new again and the work on them needs to be finished yesterday, that kind of thing. I (honestly) inadvertently missed a staff meeting yesterday afternoon where the team learned that few will be traveling in September, many in December, the vendor conference will be in Vegas in March next year, and possibly Hawaii the year after... that would be soooper cool. There was also a (so I am told) very long talk about quota... one of the aspects of the job that I mostly don't have to worry about yet because of the product I work on, and most of the other people in the department don't need to worry about, either, but... that's how those meetings tend to go.
Looking back at some of my early posts that were getting some tracker hits, I realized today that I used to be funny. Or... funnier. I remember asking someone once what they thought of themselves, what they believed their qualities were, and when said person responded with 'funny' I was a bit taken aback, as I would never, ever, ever have said that. It makes me wonder... does everyone think themselves funny? I certainly don't find most people funny, which is why I think I enjoy the bad guys so much, because they/we I think generally are. Sure, it's often at someone's expense, but most of us give as much as we get. It's all about balance. And sure, the funny is often centered on inside jokes, shared histories, etc which might make outsiders think we weren't particularly funny, but I think the amount of laughter generally surrounding us would indicate otherwise.
Anyway... I still say this person was NOT funny. Not ever, not once that I can recall. And, what's more... my posts of late have definitely lacked humor. For this, I have no excuse, and as my faithful readers I beg your forgiveness. I will try harder in the future to have funny things happen to me that I can write about.
Oh wait! Here's an oldy but goody that I forgot to blog:
A few weeks ago at work this old coot (who truly is insane) said, "Wow! I really like your hair today!" I said, "Thanks" while continuing to walk away. He said, "And I really mean it." Now... what the hell is that, I ask you???


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