Thursday, August 14

I think California did it. That's right. California was so pissed at being the butt of all the election jokes at the hands of New York "journalists" and comedians that it managed to go to hell and come back with the ability to take down the power grid at will. "This is for making fun of our long-standing lottery system..." ka-pow! There goes Buffalo! "And Ahnold is a perfectly reasonable candidate..." boom! No lights for you, New Haven! "Gary Coleman, why not??" bam! Suck it up, New Yorkers!! But did it have to go after Detroit? I mean, what did the city ever do to California? And it's really not fair... Detroit can't possibly withstand a night of total darkness. And Toronto? One of my favorite cities in all the world? Completely undeserving of California's wrath. Now... Cleveland I can maybe see, as the Packers are playing there tomorrow night and obviously with umpteen professional football teams of it's own, California would stand to benefit if something bad were to happen to our beloved Pack. Let me just say for the record, if it turns out that the Pack is pissing in the streets tonight because Cleveland has run out of water (as predicted)... I'm coming after you, California. If the greatest team in all of sports history oversleeps because there is no power going to their alarm clocks, it's going to be you and me, at the bike racks, 3:30. However, if Cleveland gets its power back in the next, say... hour or two...and NY is still black as the dark side of the moon for the next week, we're good. I'm just saying, pick your battles wisely. I know where you live. And I don't particularly give a crap about New York or New Yorkers that get to wear bibs and chucks to work because they're "creative" (read: hobos). Not that I'm bitter.


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