Sunday, August 17

It's out. I know you were all worried, so I thought I'd just let you know. When the garment in question is white, things are much easier, but... Now I know for the future as well.
A sincere and heart-felt thank you, as always, to our gracious host, and best of luck in his new abode. Dinner was tasty, the company second-to-none. And that's not the wine talking.
Had a most lovely conversation with Mother, discussed the difference between friends and "bar-buddies" (thanks DerK for the apt description), as well as love, life, and other things.
I would love to have a nice dinner party for everyone here sometime soon, but that would involve cleaning that currently boggles the mind. I'm thinking that torching the place (torch it, scorch it, torch it, scorch it) may be the only solution short of saving up tons of money and actually buying a house.

Up at dawn and sleepy and yawning
Still the taste of wine
Then I remember you're mine
and I've got a world that's fine


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