Tuesday, August 19

Hmm... what to say? Today sucked. Not in any interesting way, just kinda got my ass handed to me for not doing something I wasn't ever exactly asked to do. And I got just about nothing done. But that was work, and that was hours ago, and since then I've enjoyed a nice meal, downloaded the rocket game from PopCap, and watched Queer Eye. I'm feeling much better.
We (UPB and I) won't be around on Friday night, as we're headed to the old stomping grounds once again. This time I'll be catching up with S one last time before she leaves the 1st world. Some time ago (one Christmas or another) when I was home we were taking stock of just how many of our classmates have lived outside of the country. It was kind of a lot, considering how few of us there were. When S goes to Ethiopia, that will be 2 that I know of that are currently abroad. And neither in Europe, which is interesting, too (I think). Also interesting is that none of it can be chalked up to military service, as no one in my class enlisted to my knowledge. I feel like I should be collecting these factoids for our reunion, but I'll let someone else worry about that.
Now to get back to work...


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