Sunday, August 31

Hi'ya. I'm currently at the loverly Robin's Nest. Here is a recap of the weekend thus far:
Friday: after my boring and lengthly afternoon at work I headed to Apple-town with UPB to meet up with Shaft and Roy for tasty tasty Indian food. Mmm. Lamb and Chicken 45... or was it 46? I don't remember. Then, shoe shopping. *sigh* I bought two pairs of very inexpensive shoes (one for me and one for sissy), and one pair of slightly ridiculously expensive shoes, but they are muy comfortable and I believe well worth the price. Of course, we had to pay homage to the giant God-tree, and that was a little spooky, but the shoes are damn good.
Then off to the bar for good conversation, then home to bed. Fast forward to Saturday and I woke up too early and therefore needed a nap. Did a little laundry and moved some heavy plastic boxes of fabric to the basement, then got my self gorgeous in a very Flock of Seagulls kind of way to go to the strip club. Ok... the plan was to go to the bar located in the basement of the building where the strip club is on the first floor, but it was kinda lame and we ended up going upstairs to look at proto-boobies. That is to say, they may some day be real boobs, but yesterday they were just sad little mosquito bites. What can I say? I'm a boob girl and I was disappointed. But watching the psuedo-dominatrix rip the elastic off some poor bastard's underwear was a little funny. Funnier was him trying to keep his junk covered while she forced him to crawl hands-and-knees on the catwalk. Good times. I came home (unlike the rest of the Oshkosh contingent) and the ride home from Ripon seemed unbelievably long. At one point I actually was concerned that I was going the wrong way, but I wasn't, so it's ok. And, I didn't hit any deer. But I was alert. Very, very alert.
Then, today, I slept a really, really long time. And played a lot of Big Money (the puzzle version). And went to the pet store, and I was happy to learn that Buddha's brother was (finally) sold. And that's about it. I meant to get lots and lots of cleaning done this weekend, and it hasn't quite happened yet. I guess I still have tomorrow morning before the pickynick. And tonight: Molly's. Yay!


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