Thursday, August 28

Good to know that despite not being the Dark Queen, I still hold some power in the ironocracy. Because Mr nor Mrs. Jones has yet to post about Labor Day festivities, I'll let you know: picnic/BBQ at the Jones starting around 3, or, if you're getting screwed by the man, whenever you can arrive. Other Labor Day weekend activities include dancing at Molly's on Sunday night, if you are so inclined. And for me, cleaning, as this weekend marks the beginning of my (if I do say so myself) well-deserved vacation, and I don't so much want to come home to a dirty house.

And just one little note about the whole vacation thing, and about how coworkers can suck.... I mentioned that I had off to one such person, and she had the audacity to imply that I a) do not deserve a vacation and b) couldn't possibly be in a position that I could be away from work for a week without being hopelessly and forevermore behind. And to her I say (imagine me giving the finger with both hands here). Loudly. This happened Tuesday and I'm still pissed. Luckily all of my friends at work (including my boss) were happy to jump on my bandwagon and bitch about this person with me. Which is my way of saying that most of my coworkers do not, in fact, suck at all. I should be very thankful, and I am.

It's very stormy. That makes me happy. And a little sleepy. Also the Packer game made me sleepy. It's not nearly as much fun to watch when we're sucking so very much. Stupid backup quarterbacks and lack of defense or special teams.... I know, I know.... Klingon. Suck it up, people, it's football season.


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