Sunday, September 14

Look at my slackiness... almost a full week has gone by!
I suppose I should recap, but last week was kind of a blur. I'll sum up by saying that, while I did get everything done that had been expected of me in my former role, doing two people's jobs did keep me from doing all those things that are new to my current job, and now I'm screwed. I'll be going in to work after the Packer game.
Also - I'm looking forward to the rain moving out. As much as I love it (and you know I do), I really need to be able to open my car windows to get the inside to dry out a little, as I left my windows open all afternoon on Friday and I'm sick of having a wet ass.
Other than that.... let's see. Dinner last night was very tasty, courtesy of Plinko. I feel a little like a-Lo -- I brought the bread.
Things may be moving forward with Bella Vie. I think they are. But it's not really up to me, so much, so... stay tuned.
I suppose I should get cleaned and make the house presentable for Packer fan guests. Go Pack!


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