Wednesday, September 17

Damn the luck.
Something was funny, and I called I got to blog about it, since someone stole the Jerky Cannon, and now I can't for the life of me remember what the hell it was. I'm betting we'll all persevere somehow.
Tonight we went to see art a la Ms. Deni Rae. Some of the pieces I absolutely loved. Others were less endearing, but not unmoving. I can't say the same of the professor's work that was shown with hers. In the words of a famous horse, "No, sir, I don't like it." Art is funny that way, I guess. Someone once asked me to define art, and I said something to the effect of: a creation of someone else's that evokes emotion in me. Therefore, being indifferent to a piece is probably about the worst insult you could throw at an artist, I suppose. Walking around an exhibit, or sitting in a concert hall, or what have you, and thinking "meh"... yeah, that's no good at all.
Hooray...I remembered the funny thing! I was very disappointed tonight when I learned that the personalized licence plate I had been hoping for was taken: I B NEKID! It's so unfair! We were then postulating on the types of products that market themselves to the nudist demographic. Apart from strong sunscreen, I got nothin'.
Wow... I'm really tired. I've felt all day like it should be Friday, and it so isn't. Not even really all that close. But I should give this sleeping thing I've heard so much about a try.


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