Thursday, September 25

I had such good intentions of posting when I got home from work last night, but noooo... no blogger for me. Well, to be honest I didn't have very exciting news to write about anyway, nor do I now.
My happiest news is this: ye old spaceheater is plugged in and I'm feeling toasty and warm. I kind of wish I had a very light generator so I could just carry the whole thing around with me. It would have come in very handy for the cold cold volleyball game. Ok, it wasn't actually that cold, but it was cold enough that my arms were numb and I didn't realize until today that I'm now covered in bruises. Ow. Ow, I say. Stupid cold.
It could be worse... I could have a cold, instead of just being cold. But I'm playing it safe and stopped at the Village Market for the handy-dandy Esperitox (now I suppose I'll get even more hits for the stuff). It really does work, people. Of course, this is the first time I've had to pay retail for it, and damn! It's expensive! But, I'm not sick. The battle is won.
Speaking of being ill, I got a sage piece of advice today: if you've never gotten the flu shot, they say this is the year to do it (whatever that means). Well, to that I say, "Suck it!" The one year I got the flu shot, I got the flu. And I never get the flu. This wouldn't be nearly as disgusting if it weren't for the fact that getting the flu shot was NOT my idea. In fact, a co-worker even paid for me to get it, because she thought it was that important. Then: sick. So very, very sick. Not again, nope, not gonna happen. While I may have the constitution to take a Benedril and make it through the day unscathed, I can not (evidently) handle the flu shot. I was as weak as a little girl. Quite a departure from standard, freakishly-strong Steph.
Anyway... I think I should probably roll my stuffed full of Jansen's self away from the computer for a little while. They have such good pie. Pie.... why don't we eat there all the time? Oh, that's right... if you don't get there at 5 you can't sit down. We were smart enough this evening to dine early. The waitress, who was very nice, screwed up my order. It was fine, I ate the mistake, but she gave us two free drink coins to make up for it. Now we can play Tiddily-winks. I'm kind of excited. I'm keeping mine. To remind me of the night I got the last piece of strawberry rhubarb pie. *sigh*


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