Sunday, September 28

I've decided that the general "thanks to everyone" comment below in my former post was nearly specific enough, so... if I miss you in the below list, I apologize. Rest assured that it is not because you aren't important. Unless, of course, you actually aren't.
In no particular order, thanks to:
The Reverend: man of every hour, and sweetest of all cream fillings
UPB: for loving a wife that needs the book "A Fabulous Girl's Guide to Decorum" (which is lying around here some place...)
Alo: for dancing with me and touching Mother's softest area
Mother: for reminding me just how tasty the Crivitts drink is
Sissy: for kissing girls, and also needing the same book as I do, and dressing up with me
Dave: for making me feel famous - and keeping your eyes peeled for a car for me!
IP: backrubs (though that should go without saying)
Kevin: for still taking it when I give you shit - I'm not actually still upset about the non-surprise party, by the way
Mr. Jones: I think you liked my dress more than anyone
Machine: for occupying Momma's hubby - otherwise I probably wouldn't be able to sit down today, and promising the hook-up with the stuff
Plinko: most of the above
Catie: for dancing with me - and the stomping -- and dear God, I nearly forgot the chocolate-covered strawberries
DerK: for sparking the desire to sew again - I might end up using some of this fabric yet!
Shaft: some would thank you for not whipping it out, I'm just sad you had to leave so early
T-plaid: laughing when I give shit to Kevin... I wish I could help myself
That Guy Over There: making us all appreciate what we've got, it's a lot


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