Sunday, September 28

Ok - so I sat home and watched silly, terrible, sappy girly movies all night. I have no good excuse, but I am a girl, so I think it's allowed on occassion. I hope no one missed me too much at the Robin's Nest. Believe me when I say I used up all of my glamour last night, and didn't even get out of my pjs today, so you weren't missing much. On that note, thanks to everyone for being the best friends in the world -- there's no party like a Royal Hawaiian party. I suffered relatively few ill effects (proving my theory about eating to be true), and I don't think anyone ended up hugging the toilet bowl (at least at the P), so I count that as a victory for moderation. Though I must have been awfully drunk, as I didn't manage to fit in time to have any cheesecake. I think that's almost a crime.


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