Tuesday, September 30

First off, yay Pack! Now on to other news...
So, I hope it's not very, very bad to buy a couple things for yourself when shopping for birthday presents. I already mentioned the Badtz Maru t-shirt (and who could blame me for that?) but on the weekend shopping excursions I also picked up one loverly copy of "Cabin Boy" on the DVD. For the cheap. I have such an affection for that movie, and, as it's terrible, any affection would be an unhealthy one. We'll be watching it this evening after the healthy affection for the Gilmore Girls is pacified (for this week).
Today I ruled at work, but of course the overachievers are going to try to out-shine me. Damn them! Whatever... I still got all the credit for putting together a little project, and the craziest of crazies still thinks I'm hot shit. So... fuck 'em, that's why! (My! Such language!) My potentially big scary meeting with the big big boss lasted all of 15 minutes, and I got nothing but praise. I'm secretly hoping the overachievers are raked over the coals during their meetings, but I suppose that probably won't happen. I happily admitted today that I am both mean and evil. That was actually unrelated to this present story, and revolved around CB, but I think it still holds true.
Anyway... I can't wait until I get my next promotion and all of the overachievers can bite me. It's been nearly 6 months, I think I'm due. Oh crap... maybe it doesn't actually work that way. Eh, we'll see.


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