Monday, October 6

Candy Candy Candy I Can't Let You Go

You know the old Reese's commercial - two great tastes that taste great together, or the timeless quote from "The A-Team": I love it when a plan comes together. These are my current sentiments, for I have learned that the latest contest from our friends at (imagine little hearts here) Hershey's is the chance to win a what? That's right, a Mini. Filled with what? Yes, you guessed it, Hershey's bars. I... ah.... um... wow. Stutteringly happy at the prospect. Of course, like any other contest, the chances of winning are infinitesimal, but I am not deterred. I will just have to buy Hershey's bars from now until September 30th of next year, or until I break down and buy a Mini. Or, you know, forever. I'd be ok with that, too. So... who's up for s'mores?


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