Saturday, October 4

Dear Bebo,
You have pulled off the Jackie-O dress. You are a bad-ass. Your website is now camo-colored, for heaven's sake! You rule!!

In other news, I feel like it's been a strange week. I can't quite put my finger on why, but it just was. Maybe it was the realization that DerK and I have been traveling in intersecting circles for years and years and never knew it, or each other, until very recently. Maybe it was being a bit ill. Maybe it was the snow. Or waking up Sunday not hung-over. Or bowling possibly the best game of my life last night. Or being left nearly alone at work yesterday. Quite likely it's a combination of all of these events and more. All I'm saying is that there's weirdness, people, and it's all around us. Well, around me, anyway.

Today I'm working to put at least a small dent in the laundry. Things have gotten a little out of control. Most likely because over the past few weekends I haven't been real motivated to do household-type things. Or get off of the couch. I think that once things are clean I'm going to have to do some serious editting of my wardrobe. Again. Seriously, no two people should own as many clothes as we do. Or things, for that matter. I'm determined to start working on that. Now if I could only find the room to start making piles of what to keep and what to pitch, I'd be all set. At this point, it's looking like a healthy cleansing fire may be my only hope.

Now it's time to go look at the catalogue I got in the mail today. Oh wait...


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