Saturday, October 11

funny things are funny

Hi everyone. I'm home. Seems like it's been awhile.
Dinner/breakfast last night was tasty. I feel bad that I wasn't hungrier, but UPB and I spent the day shopping (gap clearance=big scores) and I had 'the sandwich' at Famous Dave's for lunch. But I did so enjoy my pancakes a la lemon. All the rest of you suckers are missing out, I'm telling you.
Today was a day-trip to Milwaukee and here's what we learned: there's a neat little neighborhood in Wauwautosa (I think!) with a Noodles & Co and a Chancery. We enjoyed the later, and look forward to returning to enjoy the former some time soon (maybe before the next movie we must see at the Times?). The Chancery has good food. We all enjoyed our meals, and mine came with malted milk balls and an oatmeal raisin cookie, for no apparent reason, but I wasn't complaining.
The Animation Festival was sooper fun. Laugh-out-loud funny for some of the bits, bewildering during some others (example: "Mt. Head" - man kills himself by throwing himself into the pond on his head, left there after he ripped out a cherry tree--Japanese and not anime, I loved it), also delightfully dark ("Vincent" from our pal Mr. Burton), visually appealing but otherwise meh ("The Cathedral"), the afterlife as brought to you by varying degrees of technology ("50% Gray") and others. I'm very, very glad we went. We need to keep going to things at that theatre, that's what I think.
Next stop: Tip Top, which lived up to its name. Lots of stuff still there from the last time I was, and nothing in the housewares department I couldn't live without, but I scored a loverly little cardigan and UPB got a swank western shirt. The shop-owners are just so neat, I love going there.
Took the long way (which was my fault) back out to Wauwatosa so I could get behind the wheel of an S. We got there 10 minutes before they closed, so it wasn't much of an experience. We gave a girl from Sweden and a guy from Guatamala, returning from a test-drive of their own, our two last Swedish fish, which was kind of funny. Turns out that I am bad at getting into reverse on a 6-speed. Good to know.
Started heading north to get home, made a quick stop at the Half-price Books (I also stopped at the pet store next door and got chewed on by a naughty baby chin), saw a book about underwear dos and don'ts which was cute, and then headed back so the other kids could get to their next activities.
I'm now spent and about ready to fall asleep. I think I'm going to just crash on the couch in front of the Badgers' game and listen to the rain. I'd enjoy it more (the rain) if I didn't know that it signalled a cold front and quite possibly the last of our Indian summer. And just when I got this cute cute skirt that isn't really wintery even a little. At least I got to wear it today.


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