Monday, October 6

4x in one night!

sounds like it could be the subject for spam, I know. But... I'm feeling chatty and have something to whine about.
I was making good progress on the laundry, and had big plans to continue my streak and possibly have it all done by the weekend. Then disaster struck. Ok, maybe disaster is a bit too strong a word, but I'm miffed. Tonight I put a load of laundry in the dryer. A good amount of time later, I returned, to find warm, wet clothes. Hmm... if I hadn't started the dryer at all, they'd be cold, so that's not the problem. I seem to remember setting the timer for way more than I needed to - like two hours, so the problem shouldn't be that it just ran for a few minutes and then stopped. No, turns out that the problem is that the dryer is blowing hot hot air, as it should, but it isn't moving the clothes at all. No tumbling. Huh. Ok... I don't know how to fix that. I thought... maybe the problem is that the load is too heavy, so I took out most of the clothes. Nope. It can't even turn a couple pairs of underwear. Ok... now I'm stuck with wet laundry hanging all over the house. If it were warmer, and I was crazy like a certain person's father, I'd just drive around town with the clothes flapping out of the car windows, but it's not, so instead they're draped over everything I could think of. We're just a house with wheels and a car without away, I'm telling you...
Oh, and I'm all excited about my new titles.


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