Tuesday, October 14

it is a ... *expletive*

work work work work work
Not that I'm doing a whole lot extra of it right this minute, it's just... parts of it are making me want to stab myself in the eye with my fork while at lunch at Mario's. So that's never good. Mario's is supposed to be a happy place, filled with tasty blended drinks and potato-cheesy goodness. That's how you know things are going to get ugly, that's all I'm saying. And if I end up with more work because someone is a whiny bitch (and I don't even mean Plinko), I think a vein in my head may burst.
It's all crazy non-interesting details that are going to be making my work life a little (ok, a lot) more difficult for the next, say, three months minimum.... so - I probably won't delve into them too much on here, but I'll probably have plenty 'o the bitching to do in person. (Just warning you now.)
With that, I should probably be getting to bed to prepare for yet another day of craziness.
Oh - and it's looking like I'll be leaving for a far-off land the first Wednesday of December, coming back the Friday of the next week, most likely. If I travel with my boss, I may leave a day early, if not, I might be back a little sooner. It's all very sketchy, which is so comforting. I don't think I've convinced my boss to let me take a little side-trip to see S in Ethiopia, unfortunately. (Ok, I didn't really think that was going to happen...)
Anywho... here I go. G'night!


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