Tuesday, October 21

It must be me

I look and realize I haven't posted since Sunday, and that seems like a long time. Possibly because much of yesterday and quite a bit of today was spent in front of a computer, yet till now, no posty-posty.
Thanks to my helpful friends for taking hand-outs on Sunday night. My front-hall closet (such as it is) thanks you, as well.
This week is hair cut week, though the exact time is a bit sketchy, having to try to accomodate the hockey, you know. What? It's important!
My house is feeling the same pain as chez Plinko in the insurance department. Evidently, masses of lay-offs can't offset the clutziness of our office. We evidently hurt ourselves a lot, in very expensive ways. Speaking of physical comedy, CB's due date has come and gone (it was today) and yup... there she is. Still at work. And here's something I can't help but share because I'm (6): today she told Plinko not to touch her cookies. At least, I assume she was talking to him. And I'm assuming that she was talking about baked goods... but you know what happens when you assume. A coworker said today that CB can't be close to delivering because she isn't "miserable enough". I think she's obviously overlooked the fact that CB was born miserable and is now just bigger.
That's about all I've got... time to hit the hay and get ready to enjoy the first Wednesday in a long time when I don't really have to worry about the weather. Hooray!!


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