Saturday, November 1

Slacky McSlackerson

I'm the suck. I should've posted about 5 times since Tuesday, cuz I'm sure stuff was going on, but I haven't. And now I have no recollection of what that stuff would be.
I carved a pumpkin, which I think turned out pretty cool. I made brownies from scratch, which also turned out remarkably well. I had a meeting with the big boss, also good, considering. I posed for a number of photos, which is remarkable, and even sent one to my pal in Singapore so she'll know which one is me when I show up at her office. I found out about a stationary store that's just down the road from the hotel I'll be staying at there. I dressed up for Halloween and had a nice time at the bar chatting with my friend from work and her husband and I'm going to try to con her into making my costume next year cuz his was so cool. And today I got new shoes and decided that I need to go on the TLC program "Clean Sweep". I have to say, that show made me feel much, much better about the state of my house, and a even little bit motivated to make it a little less crazy cluttered.
So - that's the low-down. Also, I'm not quite coming to terms with the fact that it's November. I managed to lose a month or two in there somewhere. Strange. On the upside... on to Christmas!! Yay Christmas!!


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