Monday, November 17

Bed is good

That's what I learned this weekend. Or rather, my bed is good. Unless I'm too excited to sleep.
Friday night I left the bar at a very reasonable hour to go to bed and prepare myself for much shopping. Truth be told, I was hurting from the chiropractor like nobody's business, and I wanted to lie down with my beloved ice pack. Ok... that's a lie. I hate the ice pack. But anywho... the plan was to get lots of wonderful sleep. This was not to be.
So I started out the shopping excursion on less than a full tank, let's say. And while Plinko hates big citites, I generally do not. I generally like them quite a bit. In small doses. The lack of parking in the cool neighborhood was a bit annoying, but before we went to Chicago we stopped at Bayshore in Milwaukee and I fell in love again with a shop where my aunt bought me my once favorite dress (and the unhealthy affection for velvet began), so I was already enjoying the day. Then we made it to downtown chi-town and it wasn't too long before I was beginning to feel...smothered. Too many people, not enough sleep, not enough stuff I wanted to buy. Crummy weather. Expensive parking. Back hurting. We called it quits and headed to the burbs. More traffic delays (I still don't understand why it needs to move so slow... it's not like there are stop lights or anything). Finally - the hotel. Bed. But first - dinner...somewhere...anywhere... where are all these people coming from?? How can every restaurant look like they're having their grand opening? Don't you people have homes? I know there's a grocery store here - hell, I've even been to it - why don't you get some tasty Raman noodles and make yourselves a nice home-cooked meal? Sorry... ranting. Anyway, we found somewhere to eat. The 30 minute wait was actually 60, but they had a nice enough bar and brewed their own beer, so it was ok. Dinner was quite tasty, though I was too tired to be very hungry, as it turns out. Back to the hotel, so now I can sleep, right? Wrong. Stupid loud fridge in the room, strange glow coming from the back of the tv... ugh. No sleep for me. But... it was ok. More shopping the next day. Woodfield in all it's glory, opening only an hour after we expected it to. But again, I had serious issues finding gifts for anyone (except my husband, who I wasn't actually suppose to buy gifts for this year). So, all I can say is: thank God for ebay and for an upcoming trip to Asia... between the two I should actually be able to get some real shopping done (fingers crossed).
Nonetheless (despite my whining here) it was a fun trip. And I do like cities. And next year I think we'll have to plan our little excursion slightly differently (and maybe I'll have a new car and won't be broken myself and I'll be able to drive).
And today: a vacation day. And more shopping. Today hubby and I are on a mission to find (insert trumpet noises here) a new couch. One with arms and springs and everything. That isn't butt-ugly. I know it won't be easy, but wish us luck. Here's hoping the shopping fairy will feel I've put my time in and grace us with something wonderful in a very short amount of time.


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