Tuesday, November 11

Liberace gay

Looking forward to what I expect will be a new episode of Queer Eye in about 1/2 an hour. My internet is not behaving, and I don't seem to be able to log onto Messenger, which makes me sad. Also, I'm having a bit of trouble sending out a lovely e-mail to my fam with suggestions for baby names cuz my uncle and his wife are expecting their 2nd child. It's very exciting. It would be better if the darn e-mail would just hurry up and send.
Work has been a bear, as they say. I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed, and I'm supposed to be getting my shite together quickly so I will have little to discuss on the trip (that's the ideal plan). It wouldn't be so bad, but stuff that I thought I was done with keeps coming back to haunt me, through no fault of my own. That's hardly fair.
CB brought the baby into work today. The baby was, as I may have mentioned, cute. Sleeping and a little boring, since he's only 2 weeks old, but cute. She, on the other hand, has gone and dyed her hair again. We assume with Kool-Aid. A red/pink variety of some sort. My guess: Gross-berry melon. Or possibly Ugli Froot. A nice bonus, which I didn't actually pick up on, was that her hands were stained the same evil pinky-red. Our boss's boss commented that it was "an adventurous color". I guess that was her polite way of saying "horrific". When pressed, CB (never a truer name was given) was vague on the details of day care. I'm hoping that she doesn't actually have any set up, and is just waiting out the three months leave to give her notice. That would be neat.
I don't have a lot else to say. I'm looking forward to seeing the doctor Thursday morning and getting all fixed up. That's about it.


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