Tuesday, November 18

so productive

I was just about to brag about how I had an amazingly productive evening (working at the bar will do that, for me at least) and then blogger had a fun little post about blogging from work and I thought... just for a second... that possibly people may have things a little backwards. I don't, usually, blog from work. Some days I probably have the time, or could take the time, but it just seems... well, a little unethical. No more so than checking my home e-mail, looking for directions to a restaurant, or talking for extended periods of time about parenting tactics, which I do plenty of, but... I don't really have to be sneaky about it. It appears, though I didn't follow the link, that there is a whole website set up for you to be able to blog without it looking like you are blogging. It seems to me that if you have to do that, you probably should hold off on your incredibly important post until you get home. "but I don't have a computer at home" I can just hear someone out there whining. Well - fuck you. You shouldn't have a blog, either, then. To have a blog at all is grossly overestimating your value to society, doubly so if you feel you need to post your personal rants (which is what the majority of people do) from work.
Now... as I've said, I'm pretty sure I've posted from work. And I know friends who only seem to post from work, despite living much of the rest of their lives in front of computers at other places, for example their homes. Most of these people don't work for giant or even medium sized corporations who'd just as soon toss you on your ear than listen to the no doubt insightful things you have to say about your work place and coworkers, and thus feel possibly justifiably safe in posting during the 9 to 5.
I have no idea why the whole thing bothers me so, except to say that it sounds (again, I didn't follow the link) like the blogger news article was inspired by someone losing their job because of posting at work. In my opinion, this person must have been an idiot. Despite claims of an economic turn-around, jobs are hard to come by, people who want jobs are not. If you are Slacky McSlackerson, possibly blogging from work was just the excuse that your bosses were looking for to dump your sorry ass.
No doubt this rant will end when something totally incredible happens in my day and I have no choice but to post it 10 minutes before I could legitimately leave from work, and I'll have to eat my words. Till then... I should get some sleep.


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