Wednesday, November 19

who knew they had sammichs?

We enjoyed tasty sammichs at BW3 tonight, and then went to American (still on the hunt for the perfect couch) and was met with...get this... genuinely friendly service. I know. I, too, was surprised. We found something we liked, picked out colors we liked, and the guy was no-pressure all the way. He even walked away for a bit when it looked like we (UPB and I) might disagree on something, to give us time to talk it out. Of course, we didn't actually disagree, so it was a little funny, but still very nice. So much so that I didn't even bother to ask if my 'in' was working, who gave us a discount the last time we shopped there (which turned into a small disaster, come to think of it).
We learned that if we special-order a couch, it's ours, even if it doesn't fit in the house. Therefore, if our measurements turn out to be faulty, we may have a lovely purple sofa for someone needy out there.
Which isn't to say that we actually ordered something. We still have a bit more shopping to do (all the way up in Green Bay!) before we make up our collective mind, but we do have a good option, barring any insurmountable architectural stumbling blocks.
And now I suppose I should call it a night and get reacquainted with my ice pack.


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