Thursday, November 20


To DerK for putting me in my place. I figured I'd probably be stepping on some toes and apologize. I'm sure I wouldn't feel the same way if I was still working at my former former job where I would have been pleased as punch to have had a blog to blog, just to fill my days with something other than the endless search for a different job. And, actually, I don't really feel all that opinionated about it today. For some reason the whole idea of whining for being fired for not working led to a longer rant than I had intended, and the disheartening notion that really the only people who read most people's blogs are people one already knows. I rarely, if ever, go searching for random blogs, because I assume that if I don't know you already, you are probably stupid. Therefore, having a blog isn't really all that important (no matter where you post from). But I have one anyway. And enjoy it quite a bit. But it probably isn't worth getting fired over. Wait - make that definitely. That, actually, was my point. I just circled around it a couple times (and now a couple more).


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