Monday, December 1

Bahn Voiahjee!

First off, thank you to IP, UPB and DerK for providing delicious foodstuffs last evening. Last night while lying awake in bed I felt certain that I would never be hungry again.

Now, for the business at hand. I'm off to a far away land early tomorrow morning. I'm sure I'll have a wonderful time, and fairly sure that I won't make a complete ass of myself during my negotiations. Nonetheless, I hate being alone. And while my boss is very nice, she isn't, you know, one of us, and so I will no doubt be lonely. I don't know how often I'll get to check blogs (I'm guessing not very), but I will be checking my e-mail fairly often and would appreciate letters from home if you get the inclination.
Now I should sign off... an 8:30 flight means being at the airport by 7, and that means waking up obscenely early, if you ask me.


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