Saturday, November 29

Christmas, Christmas time is here!

So... since most of you have already heard about the strange goings-on in Kohler this Thanksgiving holiday, I'll skip to my Christmas list.
Unfortunately, I really don't need anything. I know, I suck. There are a few things I want, though, and some of them would even fit in the price range we've agreed on. I will try to censor my list to include mostly those things:
this would be nice, or something similar (this one is cool cuz it includes the plates & stuff)
these are always a good choice
these are not
I could always use things to keep me warm, indoors or out, except probably I don't need or have room for any more throws, blankets, or the like, but would make an exception for a penguin down (not made from penguins, but rather featuring cute penguins as the design) throw that they have at the Target, but not on the website
I would be remiss if I didn't include this - just in case whomever drew my name also had the good fortune to win the lottery
it currently appears that this may not be a bad idea for me to have, but probably wouldn't make a great gift
other things I like/love/collect: pens, penguins, sanrio whathaveyou, chopsticks (Collector's gallery used to have some cool ones, they may still), office/school supplies, watches (oh, the list I could make...check out the ring watches at Fossil from Phillip Starck and also the Halloween Swatches - so fun! not in the price range, but fun!)
I would like a CD by that gal who's song I said I liked at the bar tonight (for this I'd need Machine to remember who that was exactly), or a CD with that song on it I like so much from the night with too much wine -- "smoking famously" should jog Plinko's memory enough to help someone out with that one if necessary.
And gee... anything. I've been very good about not buying myself lots of things I see that I want, so it should be easy to shop for me. I'm now sufficiently spent that I should be able to sleep when I go to bed, so I'm going to give that a try.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I think when it's a struggle to put together a wish list for Christmas, you know you have too many blessings to count.


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