Thursday, December 25

while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads

We're home from a loverly Christmas in Kohler. I received a Kitchen Aid (very fancy!) and numerous other sweet gifts, gorged myself on dad's girlfriend's treats, and had a generally nice time. The only thing that was hard to come by was the sleep, so now my clock is more than a bit off, as I slept away a good chunk of the afternoon.
Seems the flu bug is spreading, and I'll be putting that shot I got to the test, since Mrs. Jones and my father-in-law are currently down for the count. That means that 1) we didn't celebrate X-mas with the in-laws today, it was postponed until all are feeling better and 2) it was just the hubby and I at Plinko's for games. Which Plinko won. *sigh*
On a happier note, yay IP being able to join in the fun!
I'd like to write lots and lots more, about the bountiful gifts bestowed on me, and other mushy-type stuff like that, but really, I'm quite tired. I'm excited to use my newest toy to make a cake (or maybe two) for the birthdays celebration. I happy that I like everyone in my family (that I have to see for holidays). I'm very happy my dad has found someone with whom to be happy. I'm happy that I have good health, food, clothing, shelter and countless amenities. I'm happy that I have the best friends in the world and a husband who loves me very much. And mostly I'm happy that I realize all this more than once a year.


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