Wednesday, December 17

Well, Good Morning!

Hello, it is I, your friendly neighborhood awake-person. This is not unusual for this time of day, on this day of the week. What is unusual is that I've been completely awake since 5 AM. And mostly awake for pretty much most of the night.
You see, cold medication and I don't see eye-to-eye. I say, "I need my nose to stop running so I can sleep." It says, "Wish one-granted, wish two-hah! No sleep for you!" I didn't take NyQuil, cuz that never works for me (in fact, that kept me awake the night before last). Instead I took something that is just suppose to dry you up. Oh wait, that means it's psuedoephedrine. That's a stimulant. Damn it! So...wakey wakey oatmeal and tea at 5 for me.
Luckily, waking up at that hour meant 2 hours of work accomplished before I called in sick. Genius. I hope the gals at work spray down my cube with some of that nasty smelling Oust to rid it from all the germs. I would feel bad if I made anyone else ill. That's mostly why I'm staying home today. I don't really want to spread this around. Oh, also there's the possibility that I may get a little bit of sleep eventually. That would be neat.


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