Monday, December 15

Boo! I'm back!

Most of you know the long, painful journey I had getting back to the grand U.S. of A. Or, more technically getting the last 250 miles of my 5,000+mile journey home. I don't feel like talking about it. Suffice it to say, my luggage showed up on my downstairs neighbor's front porch some time last night. Anyway... I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do, reading and responding wise, so here goes:
Bebo: You MUST teach me to knit that kick-ass sweater! Or, anything. Really, I'm not that picky. I just really really want to learn to knit. But that sweater ROCKS. I'll trade you a lovely new paper wallet (wink wink!!) for it. Well, for the lesson and for the skinny. waz up??
Beej: Look at you, all matchy-matchy with the gal whose name starts with a B as well! Please post your itinerary with haste! Times-a-wasting!
UPB: has not posted since I've been gone
DerK: is a rock-star
IP: yes, instant communication is nice ;)
ok... UPB is by far not the only one to not post... :P

I suppose I should be filling this post with lots of lovely details about my trip. Well, there was the shopping. There was my boss's boss blowing a gasket all over me and my (I'd call her a friend) that I work with in Singapore. Actually, she (the boss's boss) was kinda on a roll. I was told today that even the Oshkosh office felt her wrath during the week. Now, that's some powerful wrath. She very nearly made me cry, but I was sitting right next to her... I hate to think that she can do the same thing over the phone from thousands of miles away. What else? The food. The food was really good. I ate a lot of interesting things. And way too much seafood. I understand, it's an island, surrounded by nothing but ocean, for kind of a long way, but honestly... there was seafood in nearly everything we ate. Fish, prawns, lobster, more fish, lots more prawns... eventually even the beef began to taste a little fishy. We had dim sum - twice. Once in Hong Kong, once in Singapore. Both times tasted pretty much like the Peony, but in Singapore there were a few additions that I (thankfully) hadn't seen before - like the clear jello with chunks. That was (I believe) the only thing on the trip that was set in front of me that I didn't eat. Mostly because I believe that 1) it would have tasted like fish and 2) there would be no way that I could have eaten that with chopsticks. I did have two tasty desserts with that meal, however, that I would gladly eat again. Honeydew Sato - which was actually cantaloupe colored, which was a cold sweet soup with little chunks of very solid jello and tapioca-like bits, and Almond Cream, which was a hot soup that tasted like the liquid in rice pudding, only with a little almond flavor added. Very tasty. Of course, one's palette can only take so much experimentation, and I was overjoyed when on our last night there my coworker spotted a Subway and I could get an old-fashioned ham and cheese. And yes, it was exactly the same as here.
I'm sure I'll think of lots more to write, but I wanted to make sure I mentioned that I'm sorry we could not attend the big X-mas shin-dig this past Saturday. Seems that while all the Asian food in the world is not enough to upset my stomach, a single very underdone American steak is. Or, I just caught one of the hundred bugs that are going around. Regardless, I wasn't good for much on Saturday, nor Sunday, despite my attempts to help make cookies, and today I went home sick at lunch (and proceeded to work from home for the rest of the day, like a go-tard).
At any rate, I'm about spent now and am going to climb into bed and watch (da-da-da-da!) Monday Night Football until I fall asleep. If I see the 2nd quarter, I'll be surprised.


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