Monday, December 22


So...yeah. I seem to have picked up a mild case of the jinx.
This morning I broke the sink. There is now a large chunk of the bathroom sink that is no longer attached. And I don't mean the faucet, I mean, there's a piece of porcelein about the size of my palm that broke into (and has since been removed from) the sink. So that's not good...
Then at lunch time I got into my car and... nothing. There is the dinging and the radio works, so I'm pretty sure that it is not (for a change, and unfortunately) the battery. But it is no-starty. It has since been towed, and I'll be hearing all about the problems it possesses sometime today or tomorrow, and then I get to decide how much money I want to sink into it. It's a little chilly out (not today specifically, but this time of year) to decide to forego a car until I can order a mini and it comes in, so I think I'm stuck shelling out at least as much as it will take to get it to run again, darn it. Nonetheless, I think it's probably about time I start figuring out how to make my mini dream a reality.
I have off this afternoon and had big plans to pick up around the house, but now I'm a little distracted, so Mother and Plinko may just have to push the Christmas gifts aside to find somewhere to sit for the big game tonight. Da-da-da-dahhhh! Go Pack!


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