Thursday, January 8


What am I doing awake you might ask... funny, I'm thinking the same thing myself. TGIF (nearly), that's all I gotta say. I would be so much more productive if the work day could just be pushed back a few short hours. 10-6:30 - who's with me??
Happy almost B-day to DerK, and happy belated to my bro. I should've called, but I didn't cuz I'm a bad sister. If it counts for anything, I also haven't bothered to call my bank to transfer some money to cover all those checks I wrote before last weekend (including the deposit on the car), so you're in good company, Teej. I'm what some might call irresponsible with the money that way. I've made a resolution (not a new year's one, just the regular kind) to get better about that going forward. Installed MSMoney and everything. Time to get my house in order, as they say.


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