Wednesday, January 7


As in, busy little bee. At work, at home, at the Jones', at the bar... and knitting the whole time. Well, not the whole time, as work has picked up again (you didn't know there was a lull for me, but there was - about 3 days' worth). Let the insanity ensue. You see, our company seems to have a problem managing the calendar of product launches, so everyone is crazy busy for two or three weeks, and then everything pretty much settles down to a more managable pace again. For most people. People in our department have what seems to me to be slightly more craziness, plus the added job of explaining to the rest of the company that Chinese New Year means no worky for nearly a month for most of the people we do business with. We like to think of it as catch-up time in our department, but really, it's a pretty big snag to have to work around for shipping and production and the like. And it seems like some people forget about it. Ah well, no matter... it will come whether they are prepared or not. Of course I, being the go-tard that I am, volunteered to do the CNY Newsletter for the department again (that gets distributed throughout the company). It was fun last year (kind of) though took a lot longer than I had intended. I think I might ask for a little help on this go-round.
I've been awake later than I'd like as of late, excited and a little scared about the whole car thing. I've never owned anything quite so spendy, and it's a little intimidating to think about. Possibly this reaction is why we haven't seriously looked into buying a house yet. It's all just so grown-up feeling. And I'm just so not.
Anyway, I should maybe try getting some sleep now. Looking forward to the celebration on Friday and some Packer action (followed by wooo NHL!) on Sunday. Did I mention wooo?


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